Dr. Juanita Wallace's Campaign

Hello! I'm Dr. Juanita Wallace & Welcome to my site!

Dear NAACP Member/ Future Members,

As your Dallas NAACP President for the past year, I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Mission of the NAACP was carried out to its fullest. It is time for election of Officers and Executive Committee Members.  I am seeking your vote as the President.
Once  re-elected, I PLEDGE  to continue to work with Fellow Executive Committee Members, federal and local agencies, organizations, members, parents, and other  stakeholders in advancing a comprehensive, progressive and visionary agenda.  I PLEDGE to both lead and support efforts by the Executive Committee in the following critical areas:
  *Transparency in policy and management
  *Fiscal responsibility and accountability
  * Implement and encourage active participation in programs
  * Continue to increase Membership
  * But not limited to the areas above

My friend, in order to see these areas come to fruition, I need you as an Officers, on the  Executive Committee this term, 2011-2013.
I am convinced that in spite of the many challenges that we face in our time, “YES WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE WORKING TOGETHER.